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    Best price for shot blasting wheel with real payback
    Besides the competitive price ir sm@rt wheel offers real cost savings and thus fast payback. Order your payback calculation in the inquiry bellow.
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    High blasting performance
    Better blasting results, shorter time of shot blasting process, higher impact energy - up to 70%, energy savings – up to 25%, adaptable blast pattern, automatic blast pattern control, automatic regulation of abrasive flow with sm@rt valve, decreased wear-out, vibrations and noise level of the blasting wheel.
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    Premium quality
    Extremely long service life, high blasting reliability, blasting wheels spare parts of best quality made with the lowest tolerances, 3 material options of blasting wheel equipment: high quality cast (Basic), tool steel (Standard) or tungsten carbide - widia (Superior). Tool steel wearing parts ensure from 2 to 3 times longer service period. Tungsten carbide wearing parts ensure up to 16 times longer service period.
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    The widest variety of options
    More than 150 combinations of materials and different types of spare parts ensure you to put together the shot blasting wheel that will best suit technical requirements and price.
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    Smart & fast spare parts ordering system
    QR code for access to the blasting wheels or shot blasting machine service book, manuals and technical information and easy order of spare parts. Blasting wheel, Sm@rt sensor system enables automatic prediction control of spare parts´s wear-out, order of spare parts and planning service intervales.
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    Convincing guarantee for wheels wearing parts
    Up to 10.000 hours full guarantee, service checks, refund and replacement of all defective parts, full technical support from ir sm@rt team.
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    3 Quality levels of blast wheel spare parts
    Basic - wearing parts of the wheel provide basic service life. Standard - wearing parts of the wheel provide long service life. Superior - wearing parts of the wheel provide extremely long service life.
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    Enables installation of different power of electric motors, different types and quality of wheel blast wearing parts (blades, control cage, inlet pipe, shields).
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    Universality of parts
    ir sm@rt wheel offers you a large selection of compontents, different according to quality and technical characteristics. All wheel parts are interchangeable, which means, for example: straight i-blade made from wear resistant cast steel can be later replaced with curved r-blade made from tungsten carbide, which enables up to 30% higher abrasive outlet speed and 8 to 16 times longer service life.
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    Adaptable blast pattern
    Blast pattern can be adjusted for different shot blasting purposes: blasting of casting, blasting of constructions, shot peening, etc. Desired blast pattern can be achieved by changing the geometry of control cage, which gives significantly better results and energy savings.
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    Reversibility of wheel blast rotor
    The wheel blast rotor is adequate for rotation in both directions.
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    Wheels special applications
    Module with rotating control cage, Supply filter, Trolley for wheels’ assembly, QR code, Sensors system, Blast pattern control and ir sm@rt abrasive valve.
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    Energy consumption
    With ir sm@rt wheel the energy consumption Is reduced up to 10% - 25%.
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    Lower abrasive consumption
    Is achieved by using high-quality blasting wheel materials, consistency of the hot spot zone and increased speed of shot. Save also up to 25% of the abrasive costs.
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    Competitive prices of blast wheels and it´s spare parts
    For wheelblasting machines, and shot peening machines, we offer the best ratio between the price, quality and efficiency.
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    Quick change, easy maintenance and access to parts
    Blast wheel design allows quick change of the most wearing parts such as blades, control cage, impeller and inlet pipe (app. 15 minutes). Control cage position can be locked with the degree scale and rotating flange. The installed guard holds the shield for it’s easier and faster change.
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    Reduced wear, vibrations and noise level of blast wheel
    Service life of all shot blast wheel wear parts within the individual quality levels is uniformed. Wheel parts are manufactured within narrow tolerances which is shown in quieter and smoother running as also in lower vibrations of the wheel.
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    Increased shot blasting productivity
    Because of higher impact energy, e.g. up to 70%, the time needed for shot blasting process is shorter (in comparison to conventional turbines).
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    Straightened bearing assembly
    The motors installed on the blast wheel are of special design with the straightened bearing assembly, with permanently greased bearings.
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    Energy savings
    The motors correspond to the efficiency classes IE2 or IE3.
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    QR code
    ir sm@rt wheel is equipped with a QR code, through which you can access to cloud application with different useful information about the wheel / shot blasting machine or peening machine (service book, manuals, parts wearing time etc.). With this application you can easily order blasting wheels spare parts. It has been developed to view the state of the wheel, the state of shot blasting machine and to have control over sm@rt sensor system.
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    sm@rt sensors system
    It has been developed to control and to predict the wearing state of the blast wheel spare parts, to reduce the amount of spare parts for user, for quality assurance and quality control of the shot blasting process.
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    Modul with rotating control cage
    The blast wheel can be equipt with a module with rotating control cage, for blasting / peening different types of work pieces.
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    Blast pattern control
    Blast pattern control is developed to control the blast pattern, the wear of the control cage and the angle of incidence of particles on the work piece. The sensor checks daily position of blast pattern. In case the sensor detects blast pattern offset from the desired area the control cage is automatically moved. With this system it is easier to control and ensure the same results of blasting / peening each day.
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    ir sm@rt valve
    For the blasting machines provides highly controllable shot flow rates to each wheel with precise flow regulation in very short time (around 3 sek). Variation in loading on the wheel or among the all wheels units is kept within 3%, the steady wheel engine load, ensures the same jet intensity day by day, and it works with all types of abrasive.
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Our clients are our best recommendation
  • From time of order to installation we have found Gostol TST to be a highly professional company to which have kept us informed of the progress at each step of the way. From factory acceptance test, delivery, installation and final commission, all performed as per the scheduled dates with no delays.
    Research and Production Centre “SPRINGS”, LLC
  • We recommend Gostol TST for your further cooperation as a reliable and responsible business partner.
    Research and Production Centre “SPRINGS”, LLC
  • As advised in Gostol TST, we decided to install new long-life multi-option wheel lr 380 on shot blasting machine p-2000x1200. These blasting wheels enable us higher blasting productivity, longer service interval and lower power consuption. We are very satisfied with this decision, as the wheels ir full meet all our requirements.    
    Zlatko Rajf, TE-PRO d.o.o., Croatia
  • The selling engineers from Gostol TST offered us a wheel shot blasting machine with new IR wheels. As this was a new type of blasting wheel, it was explained that we would have increased performance, fast change over and easy maintenance, decreased wear and other advantages of the wheels convinced us to install IR Gostol wheels on the new machine. The new Wheels are operating well, we achieve good blasting results and now we know this was the right decision. We are also very satisfied as maintenance and change of wearing parts is very easy and fast. We can do this by ourselves, This saves us time and money.
    Andrew Russell, Civmec Construction ˛Engineering Pty Ltd
  • We are very satisfied with operating of Gostol TST shot blasting machines, as they meet all our expectations, they proved to be reliable, effective and are very easy to operate. Blasting Machine GG-150 with new ir blast wheels even uprgrade operation of previous versions. Main advantages of new ir sm@rt blast wheel are: easier maintenance and service and longer service intervals, beside that we increased productivity of blasting and decreased energy consuption.
    Toni Pevec, Marovt d.o.o.

Wheel configuration

ir smart wheelBlast wheel dimensions, mm<span>(rotor diameter, mm)</span>ir320B (320)ir380B (325)ir380B (380)ir500B (400)ir500B (450)ir500B (500)Electric motor power (kW) and energy class5,5 - IE25,5 - IE3 7,5 - IE27,5 - IE311 - IE211 - IE315 - IE215 - IE318,5 - IE218,5 - IE322 - IE230 - IE337 - IE237 - IE345 - IE245 - IE355 - IE255 - IE375 - IE275 - IE390 - IE290 - IE3Wheel bladesi (straight)r (curved)Quality of wheel blades, control cage and impellerBasic - casted (basic service life) Standard - tool steel (long service life)Superior - tungsten carbide (extremely long service life) Quality of shieldsBasic - casted (basic service life) Standard - tool steel (long service life)Superior - tungsten carbide (extremely long service life) on/off ir valveon/off ir valve + remote control of mass flowir sm@rt valveReduction housingsm@rt sensorsQR codeModul with rotating control cageSupply filter
Blast wheel dimensions, mm(rotor diameter, mm)
Electric motor power (kW) and energy class
Wheel blades
Quality of wheel blades, control cage and impeller
Quality of shields
Accessories and special applications

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